Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dad's Day

I am confident that my Dad will not be reading my blog any time soon so I will share with you his Father's Day pressie for next week. Every year he tells me not to buy one but clearly I am a disobedient daughter.

Firstly, "the ultimate air guitar album", Million Dollar Riff. He saw the ad on TV when I was visiting the other day and said he wanted it. Easiest present ever. (Clearly ACDC songs are too expensive because the CD has the John Farnham version of Long Way to the Top.) Hopefully Dad will not start playing air guitar. Or partake in road rage. Maybe for his birthday I can buy him Guitar Hero.

Another easy gift is this giant chocolate freckle, from local chocolatier John Walker (picture from their website).

He probably won't be into to it but I bought the DIY Dad Booklet from Kikki.K in lieu of a card. (Not that he'd expect a card. Cards are a waste of money.) There are even instructions on how to use it, here. Of course, I had to buy some alphabet stamps to help decorate it. And some of this ribbon (that I blogged about already) to tie it all with a big bow.

While at kikki.K, I also picked up some gifts for friends and for myself. I bought the lovely 2010 DIY Calendar, which came with the equally lovely 2009 DIY Calendar, which is lucky because I am currently using the 2009 RUSSH calendar and it's full of boobs and everytime I go to the fridge, I see boobs. (There are a lot of boobs in the current issue of RUSSH too. I mean, I like boobs, I have a set myself, but I don't need to see them every time I open a magazine.) Anyway, I can't wait to start making collages for my new calendars.

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