Friday, June 19, 2009

New stuff

I was planning to have a clothes swap party (except I think all my friends are smaller than me and some are exceptionally little) and now it appears that Oxfam is launching the concept (they're calling it "Exchange for Change") in September so I guess I'll hold off until then.

PS it's World Refugee Day tomorrow - here's some emails on the topic I received and deleted
read earlier today, with links to how you can take action.

Next up is the KeepCup, a Melbourne invention that I discovered via Apartment Therapy. It's a reusable, unbreakable coffee cup that comes in standard takeaway coffee sizes and doesn't compromise the quality of the coffee, or so they claim. (Organic, fairtrade coffee, of course.) I'm getting the baby above and friends are getting other colours for birthday pressies.

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