Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cosas mínimas

More of my photo wall. One of my favourite illustrators is Madrid-based Blanca Gómez, whose website is called Cosas mínimas (Spanish for "Tiny things"). The site has a gallery of her illustrations, past and present projects, and links to her flickr and etsy store.

The Blanca Gomez prints that I have are from the Bakers Dozen project, an online store curated by Aussie illustrator Amy Borrell. As the store's site says, "Bakers Dozen is a small happy silly online shop. 13 wonderful artists/makers were asked to create an object in a limited edition of 13..."

I have this cupcake diptych (what a wanky word for pair) on the wall in my kitchen.

Images: 1-3, 4.

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